Who never wished to stop loving with all his might? To abandon desire. What happens in our head meanwhile? And in our heart?

Yes, it’s sure. We manage. But are we still the same afterwards?

Lover is ourselves and a little bit of you. It’s no coincidence, sometimes life is like this and other times it hides behind the corner.

Lover is a object theatre performance. Photos by Mariam Useros

“The laughing and honest burst of laughter, short emotions that produces goose bumps. Total darkness, beyond the small space intensifies the sensation of being in another world.”
Isabel Valdés, Diario el País
“To completely enjoy Lover you have to put yourself into the shoes of a child: Recover as much as possible this clean look, this skin deep sensibility, this absolute readiness and unreserved surrender to the enchantment of the images, music and light that transfigures the objects.”
Gordon Craig, Whispers

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