6º below nothing.

An Interactive scenic installation

Memory is a house of cards in a child’s hand. Fragile, volatile. It is also a place lost in time. Deformed, blurred. It is us and our predecessors… It is also the future, but not yet, still…

History repeats itself over and over again, nothing changes but everything is different. Meanwhile we continue being the same and give different names to the present, forgetting that in the past, our past, we already named it and we swear we’d never repeat it again….

We believed to learn with every year that passed, nevertheless we get to un-know ourselves whilst getting to know us. And time, the great allied of oblivion, covered our eyes, fleeing into an ocean of ignorance… Us, that believe we are wise.

The Berlin Wall, Palestine, the Twin Towers, nuclear fear, massive exodus, fear of pain, fear again, fear… The 20th and 21st centuries and again the fear and me and you lost in memory. Impassable borders, invisible, all of these are borders. New technologies, new slaves, new countries and new migrations. Religion, again and the others, yes, all the others and bombs and climate change, I’m thirsty and hungry and y feel lonely in a thirty-five million habitants city. I buy emptiness, fill myself with nothing and continue buying and dream of Moon and Mars. I’m alive, that’s what I tell myself.

Time passes and everything erases it. Tomorrow, any tomorrow, nothing will be left and just as a dream, a fairytale or a nightmare, everything will start over again in another place, or in the same and again we will think we are gods, and we’ll discover the Theory of Relativity, the guillotine, the Higgs Boson, democracy, credit cards, the power of mass media and mint chocolate

An instalation made with  Arduino, sensors, paper, ceramic and   video mapping.

We talk about borders and migrations

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